SPC partnerships with Women Entrepreneurs in Fisheries


Katarina Baleisuva is a full-time farmer and the owner of Kaybee Farm, in Fiji. Since 2011 she has been running a self-funded successful integrated farm which includes tilapia fish farming. Through these earnings, she has successfully educated her children including her oldest son who became a pilot.

In 2022, Kaybee Farm needed an artificial pond liner to contain good quality water so the Tilapia fish can grow by absorbing water. The farm has successfully applied for a Request for Proposals call advertised by SPC for aquaculture enterprise assistance in financial mentoring, capacity-building and technology transfer to acquire modern tilapia incubator hatchery technology, and to obtain HDPE pond liners to conserve fishpond water. Through the agreement, the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade covered 60 percent of the costs while Kaybee farm covered 40 percent.

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