Recruitment scam alert

There have been incidents with organisations or individuals fraudulently claiming to be recruiting on behalf of SPC and requesting payments or financial information from candidates. SPC will never request payment or your financial information during the recruitment process.

All SPC staff, including the Recruitment Team will communicate with you from their official SPC email addresses (ending in

SPC may occasionally use a recruitment agency to promote our vacancies and approach candidates. If you would like to check the legitimacy of these services, please contact [email protected]

SPC takes this issue very seriously and is taking all the measures it can to stop this type of fraud.



Why SPC?

We work for the well-being of Pacific people through the effective and innovative application of science and knowledge, guided by a deep understanding of Pacific Island contexts and cultures.


Our Pacific vision is for a region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion and prosperity, so that all Pacific people can lead free, healthy and productive lives. This is a shared vision for the Pacific under the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.


To implement our multi-sectoral approach we draw on the skills and capabilities of our members, as well as our regional and international partners, to facilitate knowledge sharing between countries and territories. Using the scientific evidence we collect on the impact of our work, we refine, develop and deliver integrated solutions to address our members’ needs and regional development priorities.



What we offer

SPC offers a competitive remuneration package (salary and benefits) for both positions advertised locally or internationally. This includes worldwide medical insurance cover for staff and their eligible dependents, life and disability insurance, leave, and retirement benefits with generous employer contributions.


Additional benefits may be provided if eligibility criteria for the particular benefit is met. This may include tax-free salary, full relocation and repatriation, establishment and relocation allowance, education allowance, housing allowance and home leave. 


Here is the list of benefits that can be included in the package:

  • Medical and health benefits
    We provide medical insurance to staff and their eligible dependents.
  • Life and disability plans
    We provide life insurance, accidental death and disability insurance, and workers compensation insurance for staff.
  • Leave and holidays
    We provide 25 vacation (annual leave) days, 30 sick leave days and observe 12 public holidays each calendar year.
  • Retirement benefit
    We provide staff with a provident fund benefit, with an 8% employer contribution.

Additional benefits for international staff:

For international staff, if they meet the eligibility criteria they are provided with the following additional benefits.

  • Relocation assistance
    We provide full relocation package (travel and shipping) to international staff joining SPC from outside the duty station. We also assist staff in obtaining the necessary work permits, where possible. This includes an establishment allowance to assist staff in covering incidental expenses at the new duty station as well as relocation allowance when they leave SPC if applicable.
  • Housing allowance
    We provide a housing allowance to help international staff cover the cost of renting an accommodation, based on eligibility criteria. At our headquarters, SPC manages official, highly subsidised accommodation, which is available for staff to rent.
  • Education Allowance and Family Visit
    We provide education assistance for up to three eligible dependent children. Education travel (family visit) is provided only for children studying outside the staff's duty station country.
  • Home leave
    To assist international staff in visiting their home and family, we provide home leave travel once every 18 months, to eligible international staff and their dependents.

SPC has been engaged in Pacific development for more than 70 years. We work for the well-being of Pacific people through the effective and innovative application of science and knowledge, guided by a deep understanding of Pacific Island contexts and cultures. That is why our four main offices are located across the Pacific region.


Whether you are located in its headquarters or one of its regional offices, SPC is sure to offer you a unique and one of kind experience. SPC is a bi-lingual organisation with English and French as official working languages. You will therefore be able to practice your language skills by improving your knowledge base or learning one of these two languages.

Headquarters: New Caledonia
Headquarters, New Caledonia

regional offices:


With over 35 nationalities working together at SPC, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultures of the Pacific. 


We treasure such rich and diverse cultures, traditions and environments of the people of the Pacific: our sustainable solutions are based on a sound understanding of their strengths and needs, and of the challenges they face. 

SPC is also about meeting and working with people from all over the world who share the same vision.




Who we are looking for

A great variety of functions supports and enables SPC in continuously addressing development challenges met by our members through creative, flexible and innovative solutions. Our professional staff provide crucial services to SPC’s divisions and programmes.


    These support functions range from finance, human resources, information technology, procurement, publications, facilities, translations and interpretation or legal and general administration. Their scope of action may vary from an organisation wide level to division level or be dedicated to specific programmes/projects themselves. 

    These are some of our key roles:

    • Finance and Administration Profiles
    • Procurement Professionals
    • IT Technicians
    • Interpreters/Translators
    • Communications Professionals
    • Programme/Project Assistant Profiles
    • Strategy, Programming, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Professionals

    With its internationally recognised multi-disciplinary expertise in scientific research and technical advice, SPC thrives to respond to the specific development needs of its members.


      Our team of experts, specialists and scientists relentlessly seeks to address some of the Pacific region’s most complex development challenges. This includes climate change, food and water security, fisheries, sustainable natural resources management, public health, gender equality, quality education or social development.

      SPC’s team of experts participates in missions at sea, in the field or within communities and in several international conferences in the course of their career.

      These are some of the roles that can be found:

      • Scientists in the field of Fisheries, Social Science, Geoscience, etc…
      • Field/Laboratory Technicians
      • Public Health Experts in Surveillance, Communicable or Non-communicable Diseases
      • Statisticians, Economists & Data Analysts
      • Advisers in Human Rights, Education, etc...
      • Country Focal Officers & National Coordinators
      • Specialists in Geology, Energy, Forestry, Agriculture, Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change, etc…

      SPC commits and encourages Pacific people to further their scientific and technological careers. A dedicated programme has been designed in this perspective in order to build capacity through knowledge and skills transfer to Pacific professionals.


      This programme implemented in different divisions, aims at enabling young Pacific staff to access professional development opportunities by working at SPC and supporting the delivery of their related work programme, including fisheries, geoscience.

      The roles are internationally recruited positions with a 364 days term, attractive salary and other benefits. Requirements are as follows:

      • Only applicants who are nationals and residents of PICTs are eligible to apply.
      • Applicants must be employed in or contracted by a Pacific Island department/ministry or equivalent agency, or a recognized NGO working in a field relevant to the role in a Pacific Island country or territory.
      • Applicants must have their employer’s agreement to release them for 364 days and reinstate them following the completion of the contract, with a signed letter of endorsement.