Corporate Communications Media Centre


Suva, Fiji
General media enquiries
[email protected]

Peter W. Foster, Director of Communications
T: (+679) 720 8220
[email protected]

Audiovisual Unit
The Pacific Way TV and Podcast
Kelepi Koroi, Audio-Visual and Production Team Leader
Tel: +679 3379 290
[email protected]


Noumea, New Caledonia
General media enquiries
[email protected]

Alexandre Brecher, Senior Communications Officer
T: (+687) 26 01 34
[email protected]


Visual resources

Before using the SPC, please contact us and observe size and prominence rules).

Download the logo by clicking the pictures below.

About the SPC logo

The stars represent the 27 members of the Pacific Community. The curved bar rounding out the circle of stars symbolises the Community, which serves to link all members. The sail and the two waves are symbols of Oceanian connection, unity and interchange, with the dark blue symbolising the ocean and the turquoise the promise of youth. The central element forms a racing canoe with a coconut palm – the ‘tree of life’ in the Pacific.

Pacific Community member countries and territories and other formal partners of our organisation are encouraged to use the logo to highlight their direct association with SPC.