Green News: Joining forces to support countries in enhancing their Nationally Determined Contributions

The Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contributions Hub (NDC Hub) and the Pacific Community, as an implementing partner, are working together to support counties in countries in their efforts towards adaptation and mitigation projects.

Sustainable fisheries in Wallis and Futuna: Do you know the marine protected areas?

(content available in French only) Pêche durable à Wallis et Futuna : Connaissez-vous les aires marines protégées ?  Connaissez-vous les aires marines protégées ? Il s'agit d'espaces délimités en mer qui répondent à des objectifs de protection de la …

Ocean Science Fact: Tropical Cyclones in Tonga

Tropical cyclone in Tonga: El Nino Southern Oscillation hasn’t had a significant impact on the intensity and frequency of the tropical cyclones in this region, but it has modified the location of the genesis of TCs. Tonga was the spot of the genesis…

SPC's 2022 Highlights: SPC Talks Education

The Pacific Islands Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (PILNA) is a tool used to measure the literacy and numeracy skills of Year 4 and Year 6 students across the Pacific region.

SPC's 2022 Highlights: African Swine Fever - Keeping The Door Closed

SPC's 2022 Highlights: To stay healthy, eat your colours - Discover the lentil curry recipe

SPC's 2022 Highlights: Farmers in the agro-ecological transition

Why planting trees provides more water for crops, air conditioning and natural fertilizer? Find out by watching this new episode of RESILIENCE and meet farmers from New Caledonia and French Polynesia who are committed to the agroecological transition…

SPC's 2022 Highlights: Traditional Knowledge Database related to weather and climate in the Pacific

Traditional Knowledge and Science – this video looks at how efforts are underway to compile a database of traditional knowledge related to weather and climate in the Pacific.  

SPC's 2022 Highlights: This year took a celebratory tone as the Organisation turned 75 on the 6 of February 2022

SPC's 2022 Highlights: Va'ulele community established the first pearl-meat farm in Fiji

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