A Floating University for the Pacific Islands

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A new breath of life! Patient education and smoking

Meet Teva, a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a respiratory disease that is often linked to smoking. With the support of a patient education nurse, Teva begins to understand the risks that smoking poses to his health, decides…

Scaling Up coastal protection in Tonga: 2014 – 2023

Ocean Science Fact: Whales can whisper

Be active for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Wake Up! Project: The youth from the Solomon Islands is taking the lead on NCDs prevention through art


Ocean Science Fact: EL Nino and La Nina

El Niño and La Niña are climate patterns in the Pacific Ocean that can affect weather worldwide. They are two opposing climate patterns that break these normal conditions, and both have global impacts on weather, wildfires, ecosystems, and economies.

Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry 2023: Thank You!

The Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry (PWAF 2023), held 6 -10 March 2023, brought together a diverse audience of agriculture and forestry experts, including ministers, government programme heads, researchers, NGO staff, the private sector and…

Protecting drinking water in Touho, New Caledonia

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A conversation with Ms Moss-Christian, WCPFC Executive Director at the 15th Heads of Fisheries meeting

Meet Ms Rhea Moss-Christian, Executive Director for Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, who discusses the crucial support provided by the Pacific Community in tuna stock assessment during the 15th SPC's Heads of Fisheries Meeting.
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