Ocean Science Fact: The importance of mangroves

Did you know the Mangrove Forest can stabilize coastlines? Mangrove is a type of tree or shrub that grows in tidal, tropical, costal swamps with numerous tangled roots that grow above ground. 

Ocean Science Fact: The Great Barrier Reef

Palau students address plastic pollution in the marine environment

Planning Fiji's Climate Resilient Infrastrucuture: Retrofit or Relocate

Fiji, like many island countries in the Pacific, is susceptible to extreme weather events which are worsened by climate change. The frequency and intensity of cyclones, floods and droughts are changing and together with rising sea-levels represent an…

Guardians of the Pacific: Meet Matuavao from Samoa

“We keep our ocean clean as we keep our house clean. [...] Because this is our whole future to worry about. For the next generations.” Anzac Day Aliielua, Matai of Salamumu Village, Samoa Across the region, governments and communities are working…

We know more about the moon than we know about our oceans - Early Career Oceans Professionals in Vanuatu

Steve Hango and fellow ECOP Mildrek Kelokelo aboard the One Ocean Expedition in Fiji For a long time, the Vanuatu oceans office, charged with the management of Vanuatu’s marine environment and its resources, has been a one-man affair. Toney Trevi, Head…

Building climate-ready fishing communities in Pacific French Territories

Fisheries are crucial for the nutrition, food security and livelihoods of thousands of people in Pacific French Territories. Empiric studies show fishing has become less productive than in the past. Over the last years, climate variations have had a…

Building Community Resilience through an Integrated Watershed Management Plan

[email protected] project: healthy child for a promising future

Discover how the [email protected] project, implemented by SPC, in conjunction with the Wallis and Futuna Catholic Education Office and with funding support provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Fonds d’…

Training, visibility, and recognition: Supporting a barrier-free working environment for women in maritime

To fully harness the potential that the Pacific Ocean holds for the well-being of pacific islanders, it is crucial that all relevant sectors of the Pacific economy are given an equal opportunity and footing to contribute to maritime activities.
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