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Welcome to the Pacific Community (SPC) strategic plan page. We will use this page to update you on the progress we are making towards Strategic Plan 2022–2031, and to tell you about events and products related to the plan.

The Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) is SPC’s governing body. It meets every year to review SPC’s performance. In November 2021, the 51st CRGA endorsed our new strategic plan – Strategic Plan 2022–2031 – and adopted it in Noumea at its 12th conference.

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Download the strategy or get a one-page summary of the strategy.

An accessible copy of the Strategic Plan is available on this link. This version of the Strategic Plan 2022 – 2032 is compatible with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) devices and smart phone applications for reading material out loud.


We are sharing our strategic plan widely, to promote the attitudes, behaviours, knowledge, skills, and values that our staff, partners and members need, so we can successfully implement it.

Our strategic plan is a ‘living’ document, which means we will continue updating it to keep it relevant and useful for our members, partners and other stakeholders. We use existing meetings and other events to talk with them, and use their insights to inform how we implement the strategy.

You can follow our progress with implementing the strategic plan, by reading our annual results reports and other products we publish related to our results.


We are committed to regularly evaluating our work, so we can continue improving our services for our members. We will review our strategic plan after three, five and eight years , to check our planned work is still relevant and appropriate, and to help us make any necessary changes.

You can find all our evaluation reports in our digital library.



The CRGA Subcommittee for the Strategic Plan supports our members to get involved in setting the direction and priorities of SPC – their organisation – and guides the CRGA on SPC’s strategic direction. The Subcommittee holds us accountable for our plans and actions, by reviewing our annual results report. It tracks the progress we are making with implementing the strategic plan, before reporting back to the CRGA.

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While we were developing our strategic plan, we gathered a range of materials that you may find useful. These include updates from our members, outcomes of our consultation meetings and infographics. We’ve listed them in chronological order, starting with the most recent.

Resource Description
Glossary SPC Strategic Plan 2022 - 2031 This glossary serves to provide a shared understanding of definitions and terminologies through a single reference point across policy, programming and planning language.
SPC's Strategic plan 2022-2031 Brief

An abbreviated summary of the new Strategy 2022 - 2031s main highlights on a single page

Conference 12: Paper no.3 CRGA Subcommittee for the Strategic Plan This presentation was led by the Chair of the Sub-Committee to the high level Conference of members for final endorsement of the Strategic Plan
CRGA 51 Paper No. 4 Pacific Community draft Strategic Plan 2021+ This presentation was led by the Sub-Committee on the Strategic Plan and the DG of SPC to CRGA in December 2021
Video: Pacific Recipes in Futures Thinking A webinar on applying futures thinking in the areas of public health, youth and in the formulation of the organisations next strategic plan
SPC 2021+ Backcasting Summary A summary overview of the backcasting exercises to provide general audiences of what this exercise entailed and the thinking around outcomes
Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific Regional Strategic Plans Summary (July 2020) A summary of the key highlights from each of the CROP strategic plans 
Engaging Pacific youth to help inform the development of SPC's Strategic Plan 2021+ A summary of youth contributions to the SPC Strategy
4th Edition of the Governance Compendium The Governance Compendium has 4 parts. Relative to the strategic plan is the reference for the CRGA sub-committee for the strategic plan 
SPC 2021+ Transition Plan The transition plan provides pivotal strategic guidance between the conclusion of the 2016 – 2020 and the endorsement of the new Strategic Plan
2050 Strategy for a Blue Pacific Continent: SPC Drivers of Change contributions SPC submission of drivers of change to the 2050 Strategy for a Blue Pacific Continent (managed by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat)
CRGA 50 Paper 4 Pacific Community Strategic Plan 2021+ and results Reporting SPC 2021+ A governance paper to update to members on the progress of the strategic planning process
Video: Strategic Plan 2021 - Evidence Building A two minute video with CRGA members speaking to the importance of the strategy 
Video: SPC Strategic Plan 2021+ A one minute video introducing the strategy process
Pacific Community Strategic Plan 2021+ Planning for Our Future Our SPC Our Blue Pacific A presentation introducing the strategy and process to the CRGA. This resource was developed especially for members to provide an overview and receive feedback