Decadal characteristics of small-scale fishing livelihoods in 13 Pacific Island Countries and Territories

Decadal characteristics of small-scale fishing livelihoods in 13 Pacific Island Countries and Territories  ICES Journal of Marine Science, Volume 80, Issue 7, September 2023, Pages 1963–1975, Matthew B…

“Legal Profiles”: Your guide to coastal fisheries and aquaculture laws and policies in the Pacific

Have you ever wondered how laws and policies shape our coastal fisheries and aquaculture? Are you curious about finding the right information to protect these vital resources?

Tuvalu launches world-class coastal hazard modelling tool in the face of growing climate impacts

This article was originally published on UNDP.  

SPC partnerships with Women Entrepreneurs in Fisheries

Katarina Baleisuva is a full-time farmer and the owner of Kaybee Farm, in Fiji. Since 2011 she has been running a self-funded successful integrated farm which includes tilapia fish farming. Through these earnings, she has successfully educated her…

Promoting responsible fisheries and aquaculture in the Pacific through information and awareness-raising tools: International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022

Practising what you teach: field-based training with SPC’s e-data systems

Bringing back the personal touch is important when following up online training. Scientists from the Pacific Community (SPC) develop e-data systems to be relevant to member’s specific needs, and how better to get to know these individual requirements…

Regional Aquaculture Project successfully completed

A regional project on aquaculture, the Sustainable Pacific Aquaculture Development Activity, was successfully implemented across the Pacific Community’s 22 Pacific Island country and territory (PICT) members over five years from 30 June 2016 to 30 June…

Delivery of 1000 Covid test kits to Samoa allows critical fisheries data work to continue

The recent surge in Covid cases in Samoa over the past two months has strained national government resources to provide Covid test kits to all personnel. The Samoa Health Department identified the Apia Fish Market and the International Wharf at Matautu…

Anchored FAD benefit for Cook Islands

Following COVID-19, Cook Islanders have become more reliant on fishing for their local food security. The use of anchored fish aggregating devices (aFAD) is helping to take pressure off in-shore fish species.

Using COVID-19 travel bans to precipitate a digital transition in coastal fisheries science

Collecting scientifically robust data to understand and sustainably manage coastal fisheries across the Pacific requires sustainable and well-designed scientific monitoring programmes – an outcome that has proven to be a difficult objective, given the…
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