About Us

The Pacific Community (SPC) is the principal scientific and technical organisation in the Pacific region, proudly supporting development since 1947. We are an international development organisation owned and governed by our 27 country and territory members.


The Pacific Community supports sustainable development by applying a people-centred approach to science, research and technology across all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We serve our members by interweaving and harnessing the nexus of climate, ocean, land, culture, rights and good governance; through trusted partnerships; investing in Pacific people; and understanding Pacific contexts.


To progress all Pacific peoples’ rights and well-being through science and knowledge, guided by our deep understanding of Blue Pacific contexts and cultures.



We are voyaging towards a resilient Pacific. A region of peace, harmony and prosperity, where all our people and communities live safe, free, healthy sustainable and productive lives. As wayfinders, our paths are intertwined with the culture, environment and resources of our Blue Pacific Continent. We recognise our role as stewards of our Pacific Ocean and are responding with urgent collective action to the threat of climate change.



Our unique organisation covers more than 20 sectors. We are renowned for knowledge and innovation in such areas as fisheries science, public health surveillance, geoscience and conservation of plant genetic resources for food security.

Development Goals

We contribute to these development goals of our members:

Goal 1 – All Pacific people benefit from sustainable development

Goal 2 – All Pacific communities and cultures are empowered and resilient

Goal 3 – All Pacific people reach their full potential and live long and healthy lives

Goal 4 – One SPC delivers integrated programmes through streamlined services



The Pacific Community contributes to four development goals for a unified, safe, just, equitable and resilient Blue Pacific. It is cognisant of the science, data and digital assets, statistics and analytics that connect to the strategy and provide the evidence to underpin products and services for the region. These goals are further shaped by the transformations required for institutional effectiveness and good governance of SPC’s regional commitments, members’ national priorities and global commitments.