Journée de l'alimentation à Wallis et Futuna

Participation du projet PROTEGE / CCES à la journée alimentation de Wallis et Futuna, organisée par la DSA de Wallis et Futuna.

Household income and expenditure surver 2019-2020 in Wallis and Futuna

This is the third budget survey undertaken in Wallis and Futuna (after 1982 and 2005), conducted by the Statistics Department. This study is the main source of information related to the socio-economic situation of the households in Wallis and Futuna,…

[email protected] project: healthy child for a promising future

Discover how the [email protected] project, implemented by SPC, in conjunction with the Wallis and Futuna Catholic Education Office and with funding support provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Fonds d’…

Résilience - The sea, source of life

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Stat of the week: Households in Wallis and Futuna were made up of an average of 3.3 people in 2018

Households in Wallis and Futuna were made up of an average of 3.3 people in 2018 (Population and Housing Census)  

Résilience - Invasive species, a plague for biodiversity

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“Keep Fishing Sustainable”: Innovative communication for engaging Wallis & Futuna communities

Besides disseminating information, many awareness campaigns aim to permanently change practices and behaviour. Changing norms can only be conceived together with local communities, often by jointly developing systems and key messaging. As new information…

Résilience - Les holothuries : un trésor du Pacifique

Résilience - Les agriculteurs de la transition agroécologique

Pourquoi planter des arbres permet d’avoir plus d’eau pour les cultures, une climatisation et de l’engrais naturel ?
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