Promoting responsible fisheries and aquaculture in the Pacific through information and awareness-raising tools: International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022

L'écho de l'Observatoire des pêches côtières de Wallis et Futuna #2

L'observatoire des pêches côtières de Wallis et Futuna lance sa 2ème newsletter. Téléchargez la Newsletter 2 développée par le service de la pêche / DSA de Wallis et Futuna.

Sustainable fisheries in Wallis and Futuna: Do you know the marine protected areas?

(content available in French only) Pêche durable à Wallis et Futuna : Connaissez-vous les aires marines protégées ?  Connaissez-vous les aires marines protégées ? Il s'agit d'espaces délimités en mer qui répondent à des objectifs de protection de la …

Bastille Day 2023

Curbing Invasive Species to enhance climate adaptation in the Pacific region

Invasive species weaken ecosystems and makes them more vulnerable to climate change. Many Invasive Species (IS) can propagate rapidly to higher latitudes and altitudes as the climate warms, out-pacing native species. Representing a significant disruption…

Journée de l'alimentation à Wallis et Futuna

Participation du projet PROTEGE / CCES à la journée alimentation de Wallis et Futuna, organisée par la DSA de Wallis et Futuna.

Household income and expenditure surver 2019-2020 in Wallis and Futuna

This is the third budget survey undertaken in Wallis and Futuna (after 1982 and 2005), conducted by the Statistics Department. This study is the main source of information related to the socio-economic situation of the households in Wallis and Futuna,…

[email protected] project: healthy child for a promising future

Discover how the [email protected] project, implemented by SPC, in conjunction with the Wallis and Futuna Catholic Education Office and with funding support provided by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Fonds d’…

Résilience - The sea, source of life

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