The Pacific Community (SPC) to align assistance with Fiji's development needs

This media release was originally published on the Fiji Government website.

The People’s Coalition Government and the Pacific Community (SPC) have today reaffirmed commitment to strengthen partnership aligned with Fiji’s development needs and priorities. 

This was conveyed at an introductory call received by the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs Dr. Lesikimacuata Korovavala, from the Pacific Community Deputy Director-General Science and Capability, Dr. Paula Vivili.

Dr. Korovavala commended SPC for the work undertaken to empower communities in Fiji and the Pacific region through various initiatives in “science, knowledge, and innovation”. 

He said Fiji will work closely with SPC in the implementation of the new SPC Strategic Plan 2022-2031 and in the delivery of the objectives of the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent. 

On the same note, he assured SPC of Fiji’s support for the upcoming Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) 53 Meeting and 13th Conference of the Pacific Community to be held in October this year. 

In its presentation, SPC shared key results for Fiji in 2022, which contributed to 26 of the 29 goals of Fiji's National Development Plan. 

Dr. Korovavala said these achievements exemplify the essence of collaboration, integrated programming and the positive impact that science and capability can have on sustainable development in Fiji. 

In his remarks, Dr Vivili highlighted SPC's role as a key technical and scientific agency in delivering co-designed solutions to address the development needs and priorities of the Pacific through science, knowledge, and innovation. 

"Our engagement was extremely productive, as we emphasized SPC's crucial role as a leading technical and scientific agency in the Pacific."

Through our commitment to co-designed solutions based on science and innovation, we stand ready to support Fiji's (and the Pacific’s) development needs and priorities,” Dr Vivili said.

The meeting held at Fiji Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was also attended by SPC’s Director, Strategy, Performance & Learning Unit Ms. Emily Sharp and Principal Adviser to the Deputy Director General Science and Capability, Ms. Vuki Buadromo. 

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