Stat of the week: Pacific Food Trade

42% (825,438 Tonnes) of Pacific Imports in 2018 were Cereals.

Anchored FAD benefit for Cook Islands

Ocean Science Fact: Fish catch in parts of the Pacific are expected to decline by at least half by 2100.

Climate change is expected to have disastrous impacts on island food security and food systems. Most Pacific Island Countries could experience ≥ 50% declines in maximum fish catch potential by 2100 relative to 1980–2000. 

Blue Food Systems: Crucial components of climate-resilient blue economy in the Pacific

The ocean is at the centre of Pacific Food Systems.  Discover some crucial components of Climate-Resilient Blue Economy in the Pacific.  

In the Pacific, climate change is happening now

With many countries exposed to sea-level rise, dramatic increases in heat, and extreme precipitation forecast, the Pacific region is already affected by the impacts of climate change. Extreme weather events, displacement, food security issues are all…

Using a People-Centred Approach to improve food security in Marshall Islands

A capacity-building workshop held in the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) is helping civil society and government officials better understand the concept of people-centred approach and how to apply the concept to food security.

Workshop on how to apply a people-centred approach to food security

​A rapid assessment on food security and emergency governance frameworks was conducted in Marshall Islands last year which identified the need to inform and build the capacity of outer island focal points and food security stakeholders on the application…

Stat of the week: It is estimated that the Solomon Islands produced nearly 7000 tonnes of pulses in 2019

It is estimated that the Solomon Islands produced nearly 7000 tonnes of pulses in 2019.  Did you know? Pulses are important crops for: Nutritional value Food security Environmental benefits For more information on Pulses Day, visit the United Nations…

Pacific fisheries leaders emphasise building resilience and strengthening recovery in fisheries

Varied in landmass, ocean space, culture and different levels of economic development, Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) are vastly diverse, yet uniquely similar in the challenges they face. The phrase “one size does not fit all” is a…

Bolstering Food Security in Marshall Islands

Forty schoolteachers and principals in the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) completed a five-day  workshop last month equipping schools to play a key role in strengthening the food security efforts in the country. The participants of this workshop, who…
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