Fiji Health focusses on Post- COVID Conditions

The Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services was one of the first few Island countries to respond to COVID-19 cases. Together, with regional development partners and donors, it was able to develop preparedness and response plans to effectively…

Stat of the week: The Pacific has counted more than 498 274 cumulated cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic

The Pacific has counted more than 498 274 cumulated cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. This health crisis touched everyone in the world and the Pacific has not been spared. Unfortunately, scientists expect more pandemics in the…

Kiribati: ICT equipment will strengthen health information systems 

Suva (Fiji) - Efforts towards strengthening health information systems in Kiribati were well received as witnessed during the official handover of ICT equipment on behalf of the Ministry of Health at the Kiribati High Commission in Fiji.

Health experts collaborate to provide support to Tuvalu amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Tuvalu was COVID-19 free up until October 2022 however since that time, reported community transmission of COVID-19 cases as of 24 November 2022 has now reached 2362. The Pacific Community (SPC) with funding support from the Department of Foreign…

Health: Public Private partnerships bridging gaps for laboratory

Strengthening public private partnerships in health is important as it strengthens the continuity of quality and efficient health services delivery while bridging the gap when it comes to cost sharing, resources, human resources, and capacity development.

'Positive Sei’ bringing hope to homes on the airwaves

Tonga was still picking up the pieces after the Hunga volcanic eruption and tsunami waves when the pandemic reached its shores. The volcano’s ashfall had damaged roads, polluted water and destroyed crops. The tsunami waves battered homes and strewn…

Delivery of 1000 Covid test kits to Samoa allows critical fisheries data work to continue

The recent surge in Covid cases in Samoa over the past two months has strained national government resources to provide Covid test kits to all personnel. The Samoa Health Department identified the Apia Fish Market and the International Wharf at Matautu…

ABC Radio: Coronacast Pacific - Testing still key to controlling COVID in the Pacific

Testing has been one of the critical elements in global efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. Dr Eka Buadromo is the Advisor for Laboratory Services in the Pacific, for the Pacific Community. She says now that borders are open and there is community…

What do the statistics tell us about the impacts of Covid-19 on PICT economies – Q4 2021

Key economic indicators from the final quarter of 2021 indicate an uneven recovery for the economies of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new paper from the Pacific Community.

Digital Response for connecting Citizens- “Supporting the Pacific Close the Digital Divides in Response to COVID-19”

The European Union (EU) and the Pacific Community (SPC) today launched a FJD 1.6 million project, Supporting the Pacific Close the Digital Divides in Response to COVID-19 (SPC DDR-COVID-19).
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