Improved ocean governance capacity for Vanuatu and Solomon Islands

Photo: Workshop taking place in Vanuatu (left) and Solomon Islands (right)  

SIDE EVENT: A Sustainable Blue Pacific Continent – Scaling up action through Ocean Science, Policy and Traditional knowledge

Hot off the press: Why our future relies on health of our ocean

The Pacific Community presents a selection of products published by SPC and our partners highlighting the important scientific and technical work that we are currently undertaking across the Blue Pacific Continent. Why do we need a Centre for Ocean…

At the Palau Our Ocean Conference, key partners mobilize action on blue foods

At the side event titled “Blue Foods: Crucial Component to a Climate-Resilient Blue Economy in Global Communities” held yesterday at the Our Ocean Conference in Palau, a multi-sectoral group of stakeholders outlined the efforts to bring blue foods into…

Governments to Announce Historic Commitments at Crucial Moment for Global Ocean Protection

The Republic of Palau and the United States opened the 7th Our Ocean Conference (OOC) today, marking the first time this event has been held in a small island developing state (SIDS). For SIDS, this underscores the critical role and leadership of…

Blue Food at Our Ocean - Our Ocean Palau 2022

To learn more about this event, visit the Blue Food Assessment website  

Ocean Science Fact: It is high time to drop the S!

It is high time to drop the S! We may give different parts of it different names but there is only one Ocean and it works as a whole to help make all Life On Earth possible. For more information: Watch here for more or visit: World Ocean Day, drop the S

Improving the identification of shark and ray species encountered in the WCPO

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