Regional Summit to Review and Revise the Regional School Leadership Standards

Nadi, Fiji

The Regional School Leadership Standards were developed in 2007 to help clarify the role of school principals as well as quality school leadership in improving learning outcomes. This was in response to the call by the regional Education Ministers on their concern with regards to the increasing proportion of students leaving schools without acquiring the basic skills in literacy and numeracy. The Education Ministers called for a regional commitment to develop standards, and these were jointly developed by representatives of member countries, education partners and donor partners. These standards help schools and education authorities clarify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of all principals/head teachers in their journey to influence the development of children and young people under their care.

Since the development of these standards, SPC has been working with the countries in aligning their national leadership standards to the Regional School Leadership Standards.

The review and evaluation of the Standards will be used to strengthen policy and future interactions of the work on school leadership standards both at the national and regional levels.


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Educational Quality and Assessment