Data Mining Workshop 2022

Nadi, Fiji
Nadi, Fiji

This workshop aims to  provide countries with a deeper understanding of the data that is available from PILNA. Using the regional data and their national data sets, participants will have time with regional experts to delve into their data, explore how it can link with their national priorities, planning and monitoring. Participants will use the regional PILNA data set as an example to learn how strong evidence can inform decisions, policy and practice and will then investigate their own data based on specific areas of priority for their own country.

The training will enable participants to gain knowledge, experience, and skills to:

  1. Train on how to extract data from the new interactive reporting platform
  2. Explore in more depth the PILNA data, the variables and information that is available.
  3. Identify aspects of the PILNA data that can inform national planning, research, and monitoring and evaluation.
  4. Learn how to explore relationships between variables.
  5. Identify information to inform the curriculum/assessment and classroom teaching for intervention purposes.
  6. Identify patterns in student performance


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Educational Quality and Assessment
Educational Quality and Assessment