SPC supports Niue to launch digital birth registration


A new digital Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System (CRVS) became available in Niue today.  It makes the birth and death registrations easier for Niueans and improves government efficiency. Niue is the first country in the world to fully implement the OpenCRVS software, with support from the Pacific Community, Vital Strategies, and Plan International.

Advisers from SPC and Open CRVS Beyond Essentials were in Alofi training staff and the new system was formally launched today by the Honourable Sonya Talagi - Acting Premier and Minister for Social Services.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Darren Tohovaka (Secretary of Justice and Registrar) said: “Moving to a digital system will make it easier for parents and for those who have lost a loved one.  It will make our office more efficient and will eliminate delays in waiting for a birth or a death certificate.  NiueCRVS will also allow us to exchange information electronically between health, justice, community services and statistics. Our records will also be safe if there is a natural disaster”

Minister Talagi said: “This is a major achievement for the government of Niue, with help from our international partners – OpenCRVS, Plan International and the Pacific Community.  I am thrilled that Niue is the first in the world to implement OpenCRVS and I look forward to sharing our experience with our Pacific neighbours.”

“Niue is leading the world.  The civil registration system in Niue is already very good, with all births and deaths registered.  The new digital platform will make it even better and lays the foundation for future services, like applying for a New Zealand passport.” said Jeff Montgomery, CRVS Adviser for the Pacific Community.

For more information, please contact: 
Jeff Montgomery, CRVS Adviser, Statistics for Development Division, Pacific Community (SPC) | [email protected]
Camille Menaouer, Online Community Officer, Corporate Communications Office, Pacific Community (SPC)

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