And… action! When movies are our allies for capacity building and awareness raising

Some call it “infotainment”, but the value of videos and podcasts to share knowledge can sometimes be overlooked as we seek to develop more ways of monitoring and assessing user interactions and progress with learning materials. Sure, the online learning platforms with all of their flashy features and expert content have amazing benefits if well-developed, but there is something closer to “the real deal” in watching someone you might know, and trust, explaining a subject with their characteristic flair in full flow. Feeling that there is a human connection can make the subject a little more accessible, perhaps. So, in an effort to increase the impact on learning, staff of the Pacific Community’s Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division have been combining entertaining video content with other training tools within a training package. This can be particularly effective if the content is then shared through social media channels.

At the core of the work we do in FAME is our commitment to develop professional capacity in fisheries across the Pacific Islands region. Our capacity building and collaborative activities have flourished over the years through the cultivation of close professional and personal working relationships between our staff and SPC members. As the pandemic continues to restrict travel, we have had to revise our approach to delivering these fruitful activities; no longer able to benefit from the face-to-real-face interactions with the social opportunities these provide, we have resorted to online video conferencing and other platforms for training. Knowing how important it is to have that real connection with people, some of our staff embarked on producing videos to enhance their knowledge sharing. While this is not new to FAME in general, to some of the teams it has been a novel and exciting way of communicating with their partners in the Pacific. And there is not a one-size fits all approach either.


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