Keeping Pacific biodiversity SAFE

From the dew-splashed blade of grass and dampened soil from which it springs, to the tiny critters crawling around its base targeted by winged spies looking for their next meal; a vibrant web of life emerges called an ecosystem.

The Pacific Community Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees wins Island Innovation award

Photo: SPC's Programme Leader for Genetic Resources Logotonu Meleisea Waqainabete in the CePaCT lab.  

Addressing pests and diseases remains vital for Pacific communities as world marks International Day of Plant Health

A plant health clinic for farmers in Vanuatu As we mark the International Day of Plant Health on May 12, we are reminded of the need to have sustainable plant health systems to address  current and emerging threats to biodiversity, food security and…

A conversation with Mark Ero, Entomologist at the Pacific Community

It’s the diverse, and sometimes creepy, world of insects that fascinates SPC's Entomologist Mark Ero when out in the field carrying out research activities.  According to him, “They  are the world’s miniature marvels, and the most successful group of…

SPC addresses Pacific pests, diseases and health risks through new virtual training

  The Pacific Community (SPC) this week took another stride toward combating the emergence of pests, diseases, and health risks such as African Swine Fever (ASF) through the organisation of a regional training focused on strengthening and improving…

Fiji to pilot new seed system model

Fiji has been selected to pilot a proposed seed system model following an intensive discussion among stakeholders at the Pacific Seeds for Life (PS4L) Fiji Seed Forum in Nadi this week. PS4L is a New Zealand funded programme implemented by the Pacific…

International Day of Forests 2022: Sustain forests for people and the planet

Photo: Fiji Forest - Credit: J Kemsey Do you ever link yourself to the forest in your everyday life? Tonight, when you are resting on your sofa enjoying a glass of water, or jotting down your shopping list on a notebook, do you realise or appreciate that…

Fiji farmers train in soil management for food, ecosystems, and climate change

Farmers on Fiji’s Taveuni island are set to broaden and deepen their soil knowledge and skills to contribute to long-running regional efforts to support food production, healthy ecosystems, and climate change mitigation.

Year-round vegetables target of training for boosting farmer output and markets

A training on an innovative technology that could potentially transform the region’s high value vegetable market was held for agriculture extension officers in Nadi, Fiji this week. The Australian-funded ‘Integrating protected cropping systems into high…

SPC's Land Resources Division opens new toolbox to tackle Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle infestation

The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Land Resources Division (LRD) is implementing a new tool to address the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB), whose spread is devastating one of Pacific’s most important crops, the coconut.
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