Careers in ocean science beckons to young Pacific women

Kite Pareti, Islands Business Pacific young women are taking a greater interest in protecting our oceans for the future. At last week’s inaugural conference on ocean science and ocean management in Nadi, Fiji, Tanga Morris Jnr, 26, said that while…

Palau Targets 100% managed ocean space

By Ngewakl Issac Soaladaob, Island Times Amid challenges heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic and discussions about the possibility of opening its marine sanctuary, which currently protects 80% of its waters, the Palau Government unveiled a bold objective…

Plastic Crisis: Cannot Be Business As Usual Anymore

By Inoke Rabonu, Fiji Sun EXPERT SAYS IF NOTHING IS DONE, WE WILL CONTINUE TO DROWN IN PLASTICS EVEN MORE THAN WE ARE NOW | ‘Turn off the tap and lessen the number of plastics that are being imported and used’.

Telling The Best Ocean Stories That Are Never Being Told

Opinion by Stanley Simpson, Mai TV

Dr Veiteyaki chalenges ocean scientists, policy makers during conference

 Fiji Sun by Inoke Rabonu

Marine Spatial Planning discussions with Arthur Sokimi of Blue Prosperity Fiji

By Islands Business “What does it mean to you to help the Pacific region? Do you come and listen to them? And help them achieve their goals? Or do you tell them what to do? That’s what I tell myself everyday.”

Our Ocean is not a dumping ground

Fiji Sun by Inoke Rabonu “Japan has provided transparency and allowed for active engagement in the assessment of this situation and the solutions it has developed,” Mr Rabuka said. 

Human rights violations in Pacific fishing industry ‘ignored’

Islands Business by Kite Pareti Very little attention has been given to addressing human rights violations within the fishing industry in the Pacific, according to new research unveiled at a first-of-its-kind ocean science meeting underway in Nadi, Fiji…

Findings of Fiji’s Ocean Expedition will be available within a year

Pasifika Environews by Elenoa Dimaira Findings of Fiji’s first ocean expedition in more than a century, which will inform the country of the health of its ocean amongst other things, will not be known for at least a year, Director of Fishieries, Neomai…

Policies and global agreements must benefit rural dwellers, says Veitayaki

Pasifika Environews by Elenoa Dimaira Retired university lecturer, Doctor Joeli Veitayaki says policies and international agreements must not remain meaningless on paper but must actively improve the lives of rural communities, who are frequently…
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