Developing resilience through professionals

PRFRP members (Fiji) based participants In the Pacific, com

Building resilient communities: The impact of the community of practice programme

Flowing forward - Marshall Islands schools' drinking water project

To increase students' access to safer drinking water, the Republic of Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority (RMI EPA), supported by the Pacific Community (SPC), is piloting the construction of drinking water stations in six Majuro schools…

Pacific Resilience Partnership Taskforce launches into 2024 with in-depth talks

  The Pacific Resilience Partnership (PRP) Taskforce welcomed 2024 with its first meeting of the year on 30-31 January, physically hosted in Suva, Fiji.  

SPC hosts its first World Water Week talanoa session, amplifying voices for accelerated water security action for Pacific resilience

Water is a precious resource, and in the Pacific region, its significance goes beyond mere access. Water security is a critical component of resilience that requires a collective effort from stakeholders and partnerships. Recognising this, the Pacific…

Human Rights Day 2023 – Op-Ed from SPC's Miles Young, Director of the Human Rights and Social Development division

“Our future is in our past” is a Pacific metaphor which acknowledges the inherent value of culture for the wellbeing of Pacific peoples and for its contribution to resilience building.

Self-reliance: A way forward for Solomon Islands

In the picturesque archipelago of Solomon Islands, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, climate change is not just a buzzword; it's a stark reality that communities grapple with daily. However, amidst the challenges, there's a glimmer of hope.

Opening statement of Ms Rhonda Robinson during the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services and National Disaster Management Offices joint meeting

Ms Rhonda Robinson, Director of the Geoscience, Energy and Maritime (GEM) Division, the Pacific Community (SPC) Ni sa bula vinaka Directors of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services and the National Disaster Management Offices.

Opening remarks of Karen Mapusua, Director of the Land Resources Division at SPC, during the Eighth Heads of Agriculture and Forestry Meeting

This initiative will play an increasing role in our food-secure future, and it will require a diverse community of agriculture and forestry actors to realize its potential.

TVET and sustainable practices to Climate-Resilient Communities 2023 (A benchmarking trip fostering TVET and sustainable practices to climate-resilient societies)

People around the Pacific continue to experience the repercussions of climate change and there is a need to speed up understanding and adaptative practices among influencers and communities so that we can mitigate its implications. It is a necessity to…
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