Fiji kicks off summer school for aspiring paraveterinarians, to upskill and strengthen animal health in the Pacific

Practical on teeth clipping for piglets demonstrated by SPC's PHOVAPS Coordinator, Ms Elenoa Salele - Credit: SPC

The European Union and the Pacific Community support biosecurity measures in Solomon Islands during the Pacific Games

Cook Islands Biosecurity team working with BSI to install fruit fly traps and replace damaged ones in high-risk areas - Credit: SPC

SPC training in Timor-Leste underscores commitment to strengthening regional biosecurity, plant health and safe trade

Participants in the field servicing fruit fly traps during the pest and disease surveillance training

SPC's Land Resources Division Director Karen Mapusua's remarks during the Joint National Workshop on Non-Tariff Measures (NTM) and Trade Promotion

Read SPC's Land Resources Division Director Karen Mapusua's remarks during the Joint National Workshop on Non-Tariff Measures (NTM) and Trade Promotion under IMPACT and SAFE Projects. 22 September 2023, Dili, Timor Leste.

Pacific biosecurity gets boost from launch of online resources at Cook Islands gathering

Group Photo: The launch of the PPPO website, BIF and PLD database at the recent regional workshop in the Cook Islands. Credit: MELINA ETCHES- Cook Island News

Newly opened summer school for Cook Islands para-veterinarians to help strengthen animal health in the Pacific

Aspiring para-veterinarians in the Cook Islands during the Paravet Summer School Six dedicated livestock and biosecurity officers from the Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) are a step closer to completing Para-Veterinarian (para-vet) training as…

The Pacific Community and DAFF extend vital support in emergency response to avian disease detected in Solomon Islands

Dr Sripad collecting a blood sample from a chicken in an area where the avian disease was detected in Solomon Islands The Pacific Community (SPC) and the Australia Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry (DAFF) are joining forces to provide…

Small-scale organic farmers trained in guarantee system for better market certification access

Presentation of organic Ngali nuts and nut butter from SolAgro to Fiji’s Minister for Agriculture and Waterways, Honourable Rayalu at the ‘Strengthen Access to Market through Organic Certification’ workshop

The Pacific Community rolls out upgraded Pacific Pest List Database

As threats from plant pests and diseases in the Pacific increase due to growing populations and increased trade and movement of people and goods, the Pacific Community (SPC) introduced this week a newly upgraded Pacific Islands Pest List Database (PLD)…

Para-vet training builds knowledge and skills for better livestock and animal health

Para-vet participants learning to diagnose pregnant cattle during field training at Korinivia Research Station in Fiji
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