Let’s not forget oral health!

PACMOSSI Regional Training Workshop

The training will bring together managers and operational staff of vector surveillance and control programs of all 22 PICTs for a face to face training in mosquito trapping, specimen preparation and species identification with aim of equipping them with…

Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network Regional Meeting

This meeting is funded through the EU project to Scale-up PPHSN Services to Strengthen Health Security in the Pacific. The main objectives of the meeting are to:

PDGAE Biostatistics, Data Management and Analysis training

​The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Epidemiology(PGDAE) course is the second tier (Intermediate Level) of the 3-tier SHIP-DDM capacity development program and is accredited by the Fiji National University. This training has been made possible with…

24th PPHSN Coordinating Body Meeting

The key objective of the meeting is to review, discuss and make recommendations about PPHSN services to the Pacific Heads of Health. This meeting is funded through AFD.   

Tonga One Health and Vector-borne Diseases Workshop

​The One Health approach relies on the interdependency of human, animal and environmental health. Zoonotic disease surveillance, management and control are better managed using a cross-sector, transdisciplinary approach. Of particular interest, the…

Pacific Heads of Health Virtual Meeting

​For access to meeting documents click here​

Pacific Heads of Health Virtual Meeting

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