Nadave makes Resilience Qualification a core course for TVET students

The Centre for Appropriate Technology and Development (CATD) in Nadave, Fiji, received essential equipment to offer the Certificates in Resilience Qualifications, Levels 2 and 4, from the Pacific Community (SPC) on February 20th, 2024.

Official Welcome Remarks by Mr Ellis Silas, Quality Systems Manager at Vanuatu Skills Partnership during the closing event for Training of Trainers for the Resilience Qualification

Distinguished Guests, Participants from PNG and Vanuatu, trainers, and partners, As we end this transformative and pioneering phase of the Training of Trainers in Resilience, it is with immense pride and joy that we reflect upon the remarkable strides…

Resilience certificates aim to address climate change in the Pacific

The development and review of the Regional Resilience Certificates 2 and 4 will open new opportunities in the fight against climate and environmental issues across the Pacific.

Self-reliance: A way forward for Solomon Islands

In the picturesque archipelago of Solomon Islands, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, climate change is not just a buzzword; it's a stark reality that communities grapple with daily. However, amidst the challenges, there's a glimmer of hope.

PACRES holds final steering committee meeting

The continuous efforts to build resilience echoed in the room as 59 resilience workers from across 15 countries in the Pacific convened in Nadi to kick off the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience Building (PACRES) project’s final…

Fostering resilience education for the Pacific

TVET Orientation in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Supporting Pacific countries and territories in climate-proofing education and leadership for climate action

Welcome address by Akuila Tawake, SPC's Deputy Director for Georesources and Energy at the first-ever Benchmarking trip fostering TVET and sustainable practices to climate-resilient societies organised by SPC’s PACRES

 TVET and sustainable practices to Climate-Resilient Communities (A benchmarking trip fostering TVET and sustainable practices to climate-resilient societies) WELCOME ADDRESS BY AKUILA TAWAKE, SPC's Deputy Director, Georesources and Energy.

Bridging the Education Gap with Resilience Qualifications

Photo: Orientation for TVET professionals on Resilience Qualifications held in Nadi in October this year. There is a growing need for resilient professionals in the Pacific to tackle pressing challenges of climate change. This need spans across all…

Creating resilience through disaster-preparedness

Photo: Remivani Baravi with her husband, showing her backyard plantation as a means to be self-reliant after disasters Villages that are earmarked to relocate because of their vulnerability to severe floods, recently received resilience training with the…
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