Collaboration between NDC Hub and PCREEE enhances Marshallese Energy Policy for a sustainable future

The Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) will embark on a transformative journey towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future through a collaborative effort between two SPC-hosted regional centres of excellence - the Regional Pacific NDC Hub and…

Advancing Niue's climate commitments: a collaborative approach

NDC Hub Niue Consultation Partners Group Pic

How media and journalists can support climate action in the Pacific region?

Regional Pacific NDC Hub Celebrates Resounding Success at Annual Focal Point Meeting in Fiji

This content was originally published on the Pacific NDC Hub website. The Regional Pacific NDC Hub recently concluded its highly successful Annual Focal Point Meeting, which took place from August 30th to September 1st, 2023, in Nadi, Fiji. Themed…

Green News: Pacific Leaders and Experts from 14 Pacific Island Countries gather for climate change meeting in Fiji

The Regional Pacific NDC Hub is proud to announce a dynamic and transformative event, the Focal Point Meeting and Media Dialogue. This significant gathering will bring together leaders, experts, and advocates from across the Pacific Island nations to…

Fuelling Tuvalu's sustainable energy aspirations

Kiribati strengthens energy efficiency capacity

Kiribati has joined other Pacific Islands countries and territories (PICTs) to enact legislation to facilitate an accelerated transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Green News: Joining forces to support countries in enhancing their Nationally Determined Contributions

The Regional Pacific Nationally Determined Contributions Hub (NDC Hub) and the Pacific Community, as an implementing partner, are working together to support counties in countries in their efforts towards adaptation and mitigation projects.

The Pacific regional Nationally Determined Contributions Hub: mobilising statistics and data for good governance

Pacific decision-makers require reliable data to make well-informed choices. To plan and implement climate adaptation and mitigation activities, regional leaders are taking advantage of the Pacific Regional Nationally Determined Contributions Hub (…

Building capacity for climate adaptation in the Pacific region

As Pacific islands are highly vulnerable to climate change, the Pacific Community (SPC) is committed to building countries' technical capacities to scale up climate action and progress toward achieving the Agenda 2030. Over the last 6 months, SPC trained…
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