Papua New Guinea Independence Day

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) training

​Contact: Kaita Sem, Relationships and Learning Adviser (Strengthening Pacific MEL), SPC | [email protected]

Data Analysis & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

​Contact: Alison Culpin, Social Statistics Adviser, SPC's Statistics for Development Divison (SDD) | [email protected]

SPC's 75th anniversary: In October 1977, the very first SPC's tagging cruise commenced

In October 1977 the first SPC tagging cruise commenced. Over the next three years the programme tagged 160,276 fish in all – far beyond the original projections of 100,000 – and visited the waters of every SPC member country, even Pitcairn.

A conversation with Mark Ero, Entomologist at the Pacific Community

It’s the diverse, and sometimes creepy, world of insects that fascinates SPC's Entomologist Mark Ero when out in the field carrying out research activities.  According to him, “They  are the world’s miniature marvels, and the most successful group of…

SPC addresses Pacific pests, diseases and health risks through new virtual training

  The Pacific Community (SPC) this week took another stride toward combating the emergence of pests, diseases, and health risks such as African Swine Fever (ASF) through the organisation of a regional training focused on strengthening and improving…

Stat of the week: Papua New Guinea produced nearly 46,000 tonnes of cocoa beans in 2019

Did you know that PNG was the 12th largest producer of cocoa beans in 2019, producing nearly 46,000 tonnes?  

Green News: Sea Women of Melanesia, international heroes for climate action

In Papua New Guinea, Sea Women of Melanesia monitor the health of coral reefs and create and restore marine protected are

Stat of the week: There are four languages with statutory recognition but an estimated 832 living languages in Papua New Guinea

Did you know that Papua New Guinea is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world? There are four languages with statutory recognition (English, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu, Sign) but an estimated 832 living languages.  

Bougainville strengthens food systems in response to COVID-19

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, food systems in Papua New Guinea were already under constant threat from both natural and human-made factors such as natural disasters, pests, and disease infestation (African Swine Fever, Fall Army Worm), climatic…
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