Ocean Science Fact: SPC and IRD Cruise Project Warmalis 2

Did you that SPC, as the lead scientific organisation in Pacific, is collaborating with research partners in ocean expeditions like the Warmalis?

Climate change: challenges and future projections in New Caledonia

Content available in French only

Do you know why some Pacific Lagoon corals are resistant to climate change?

Photo: Corals in New Caledonia, Credit: SPC/Pauline Bosserelle

Follow the adventures of SPC's Fisheries Scientists onboard the WARMALIS 1 cruise

Photo: The first mate gives a first aid training session to the crew while we are at anchor  

SPC's Fisheries Scientist team is embarking again on a new adventure: WARMALIS 1

Renewal of the partnership between SPC and IRD

(content available in French only) A l’occasion de la Journée Mondiale de l’Océan, le 8 juin, la Communauté du Pacifique (CPS) et l’Institut de recherche pour le Développement (IRD) renouvellent leur accord de coopération pour les cinq prochaines années…

Wave movements under surveillance

This experimental device is located on the outer slope of the reef, south of Toombo Reef, near the Boulari Pass, south of the Lighthouse. The device consists of a yellow houlographic buoy 40 cm in diameter, as well as 2 orange floats.

Projection / débat BIOPELAGOS : découvrir la biodiversité du grand large

Le projet BIOPELAGOS vise à étudier la biodiversité marine du large, encore méconnue. Les travaux ont porté sur le réseau alimentaire, des premiers maillons (phytoplancton, zooplancton, micronecton) jusqu’aux grands prédateurs du large (thons et oiseaux…

Mercury and tuna: a matter of size, species, and origin

A highly popular dish around the world, tuna meat unfortunately contains a toxin, methylmercury, focus of a joint transdisciplinary IRD-SPC study. For the first time, scientists were able to map mercury contained in tuna fish from the Western and Central…

Wallalis wobbling in whirly weather! A scientific mission thrown off course by heavy seas

RV Alis rocked by bad weather at the main wharf on Wallis. Image: Gildas Roudaut An ambitious plan to explore a previously unknown zone Wallis and Futuna has no oceanic fisheries industry but would like to know more about potential resources in its…
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