Casting nets of inclusion: Voice of equity for resilient Pacific fisheries

In the heart of the Pacific, the bustling halls of the Pacific Community (SPC) in Noumea, New Caledonia echoed with the vibrant voices of coastal fisheries and aquaculture experts. Representatives from the 20 Pacific Island countries and territories…

Echoes of Oceania: The sound of successful community-based fisheries management resonates across the Pacific Islands

A new platform to support community-based fisheries management practitioners in the Pacific Islands has been launched ( It aims to enhance the resilience of coastal fisheries by creating a space for effective knowledge sharing and…

Honouring Pacific traditions: "Beyond the Reef" Toolkit – the first of its kind for sustainable coastal fisheries

Gender and Social Inclusion training in Tonga commended and hailed as a success

Participants from the Ministry of Fisheries, Tonga with the training coordinators

Young Pacific professionals driving groundbreaking work on ocean law globally

Ms Tumai Laokiri works in the Attorney General’s Office for the Republic of Kiribati, a country made up of low-lying coral islands with one of the largest ocean spaces or maritime zones in the world.

Marking milestone through endorsement of two micro-qualifications

The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) successfully facilitated the endorsement of two new micro-qualifications (MQ) focussing on enhancing agricultural and fisheries value chains and scaling up community-based…

Technical training with Palau supports ocean management through defined maritime zones

Palau officials, Mr David Idip and Mr Takamatsu Emesiochel of PALARIS with Malakai Vakautawale, Molly Powers-Tora, and Andrick Lal of SPC  

Promoting responsible fisheries and aquaculture in the Pacific through information and awareness-raising tools: International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022

“Micro-qualifications will help us in our efforts” – New regional qualifications strengthen the Pacific’s food systems

Disaster risk reduction in fisheries training through a gender equity and social inclusion lens

A specialised training in gender equity and social inclusion has provided fisheries officers an opportunity to strengthen knowledge of gender concepts and build their understanding on gender equality and social inclusion.
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