Pacific Island nations to develop advanced warning system for Tuna migration under new NZ$25 million SPC led climate programme.

24 February 2023 A Pacific Community (SPC) led NZ$25 million regional partnership aimed at enabling Pacific nations to adapt their tuna fisheries to the impacts of climate change was announced today by the New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and…

New Zealand and SPC sign agreement to strengthen animal health in the region

As the Pacific region grapples with the potential spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) and other transboundary animal diseases, the Pacific Community (SPC) has signed a partnership agreement with Biosecurity New Zealand to strengthen…

SPC's 75th anniversary: In October 1977, the very first SPC's tagging cruise commenced

In October 1977 the first SPC tagging cruise commenced. Over the next three years the programme tagged 160,276 fish in all – far beyond the original projections of 100,000 – and visited the waters of every SPC member country, even Pitcairn.

Waitangi Day 2022

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Michal Klajban

Trust, flexibility and innovation: celebrating the partnership between New Zealand and the Pacific Community

I recall vividly the first days of COVID-19, when the Pacific – and the world – discovered this new disease which was going to so deeply upset all of our certainties. For intergovernmental organisations such as the Pacific Community (SPC), agility and…

SPC – NIWA Learning Exchange Webinar Series

Inter-agency collaboration, a core principle in the development field, maximises impact of work of developing agencies and increases the value delivered to their stakeholders.

Improving Risk Communication Essential for the Pacific

07/07/2021 By: Pasifika Wire New Zealand Identifying the challenges and potential solutions to improving risk communication in the Pacific region for disaster prevention, response interventions and clear messaging on COVID-19 has been highlighted during…

Waitangi Day

Happy Waitangi Day!

Jonathan Kings

Jonathan Kings is the Deputy Secretary of the Pacific and Development Group which leads an integrated approach to New Zealand’s diplomatic and development engagement with Pacific countries, and manages New Zealand’s development cooperation globally.…

NZIIA National Conference: Pacific Futures- Connections, Identity and Security

This conference focusses on the influences shaping the Pacific's future and some of its biggest challenges. Shifts in global power and globalisation, climate change, rising inequality, changing multilateral relations, crime in the Pacific,…
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