Kiribati: ICT equipment will strengthen health information systems 

Suva (Fiji) - Efforts towards strengthening health information systems in Kiribati were well received as witnessed during the official handover of ICT equipment on behalf of the Ministry of Health at the Kiribati High Commission in Fiji.

An unexpected treasure

Photo credit: SPC/Toga Raikoti  

An investment for the future - New study aims to strengthen teachers’ English literacy skills in Kiribati

A new study to explore the teaching practices of English Language teachers at the Kiribati Teachers College, the country’s only teacher training institution, has begun.  The study, which was jointly designed by Kiribati’s Ministry of Education and the…

Putting best practices into practical approaches for infection, prevention, and control

Health experts from the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Public Health Division were recently deployed to Kiribati to assist with COVID-19 response.

Fisheries Story: Dynamics of a South Tarawa Atoll fisher group, Kiribati

Photo credit: SPC/Jeff Kinch While South Tarawa (Kiribati) is facing multiple threats at the same time, it is important for local fishers to understand the main fish species targeted, including the how, when and why as this can help fishers to ensure…

Stat of the week: 82.3% of the population in Kiribati have access to an improved water service they can use to prepare food

Some progress has been made over the past decades to improve access to water: 82.3% of the population in Kiribati have access to an improved water service they can use to prepare food. However, only 17% access water free from contamination. Source: (…

Water for Life: Safe and sustainable drinking water for Kiritimati Island

The current global pandemic has been a stark reminder of the important role that safe and reliable drinking water plays in our lives. It is essential for human life and a critical prerequisite of healthy communities and economies, however countries…

Contextual data of PILNA 2018 throws new light on Pacific education

The contextual data of the Pacific Islands Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (PILNA) 2018 was cause for excitement for education representatives at a workshop on PILNA 2018 data earlier this month.

PILNA 2018 Data Workshop Opening Remarks by EQAP Director Dr Michelle Belisle

Opening remarks by Educational Quality & Assessment Programme (EQAP) Director Dr Michelle Belisle Good morning and a warm welcome to all of you as we begin our very first Pacific Islands Literacy and Numeracy Assessment, or PILNA, data workshop.…

Thank an Oceanographer!

Pacific features in Global Ocean Observing Conference “When you’re sick, you go to the doctor. Our oceans are sick and we need the scientists and experts to help us understand what is wrong and how to get better.” – Peter Thomson, UN Special Envoy for…
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