Lisa Kingsberry

Lisa Kingsberry head shot portrait
Director, Communications (Suva)

Lisa Kingsberry joined SPC in 2015 as a Media and Communications Officer with the Geoscience, Energy, and Maritime division. She then took on the role of Disaster Risk Communications Adviser in 2017 before later undertaking the role of Strategic Communications and Knowledge Management Team Leader in 2019.

Lisa is a relationship, engagement, and Pacific development professional with more than 15 years of expertise across partnership brokering, public relations, media, evidence-based communications, management, and leadership. Lisa is Degree qualified in Journalism and Business (Public Relations) from the Queensland University of Technology.

Lisa has experience across diverse areas including non-government agencies and private sector. She understands genuine stakeholder connections, from creative and artistic spaces to scientific and technical areas, recognising these are paramount towards driving genuine collective action and solutions to some of the region’s greatest challenges.

Lisa has established a diverse base of Pacific connections across the region and media relationships, underpinned by her collective and outcome driven approach that drives genuine action and builds meaningful and sustainable partnerships across multi-stakeholder spaces. In this role, she will continue to support and champion Pacific-led development through partnership approaches, innovation, collective action and multi-stakeholder spaces.

Lisa has lived and worked across the Pacific for 11 years and is committed to bringing sustainable strategic communication, career pathways for practitioners, collaboration, engagement, and evidence based approaches that drive the communications sector and outcomes successfully now and into the future.

(Last update: June 2023)