United Nations Statistical Commission: Open Meeting of the Committee of Experts on food security, agriculture and rural statistics


​The Committee of Experts on food security, agricultural and rural statistics aims to develop and document good practices and guidelines on concepts, methods and statistical standards for food security, sustainable agriculture and rural development statistics. As such, the Committee has also the mandate to provide overall vision, coordination, prioritization and direction for the development of this statistical field and ensure its complementarity and integration in other relevant economic, social and environmental statistical framework.

Objectives of the meeting This meeting aims to: 

  • discuss progress made in the implementation of the work programme (2020-23), in particular the preliminary results achieved by the UN-CEAG task teams on 1) Food security and food consumption measurement; and 2) National Quality Assurance Framework for Agricultural Statistics and 3) the Use of Earth Observation data for Agricultural Statistics; 
  • provide comments and direction on the activities and outputs of the various task teams and agree on the proposed additional consultation mechanisms and timelines; 
  • discuss additional topics of interest in food security, agriculture and rural statistics relevant to the work of the UN-CEAG that could be included in its programme of work.

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