Micro-Qualifications Validation Workshop

Nadi, Fiji

​EQAP engages stakeholder representatives to review the draft documentations on the six micro-qualifications in meteorological services. These accredited short courses are delivered by the Fiji Meteorological Services.  

The draft documents support the micro-qualifications listed below:

  • Observe and Record Meteorological Phenomena and Parameters at an Aerodrome
  • Observe and Record Meteorological Phenomena and Parameters at a Climate station
  • Measure and record weather conditions at a weather station
  • Interpret and communicate weather information on a flight path
  • Observe and Develop Synoptic Reports at Sea
  • Describe the impacts of weather elements on an aircraft during flight 
The Fiji Meteorological Services trains its officers, as well as professionals from nine other Pacific island countries. These trainings adhere to the international standards set by the World Meteorolgical Services.
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