9th Pacific Regional Maritime Search and Rescue Workshop and 3rd Pacific Women in Maritime Regional Conference

Cairns, Australia
​Recalling the successful implementation of the Joint Regional Conference for Domestic Ship Safety Forum and Pacific Women In Maritime Association in April 2018, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, a similar approach is proposed with a Joint Regional Conference for Pacific Search and Search and Rescue and Pacific Women In Maritime Conference in 2022.

This will reaffirm the commitment of Transport Ministers at the 4th Pacific Regional Energy and Transport Ministerial Meeting held in Samoa in September 2019.

Purpose and Objectives

This joint Regional Conference will provide the opportunity to bring together women from the Pacific region's maritime sector to actively discuss issues and share ideas pertaining to the conference theme:

  1. Women in maritime invited for networking with Officials, capacity development and engaging in their biennial meeting.
  2. Women in maritime network has the potential in advocating community-based approach on preventative measures supporting safety as opposed to the end of the line of Search and Rescue / lives lost at sea.
  3. Increase awareness of the role of women in the SAR operations.
  4. Promote the International Day for Women In Maritime (ID4WIM). This year is the second IMO proclaimed ID4WIM celebrated globally and the joint activity is the step in the right direction in affirming the critical role of Women in the maritime sector.
Brief Description

The Pacific Islands region is diverse in terms of geography, resources, population, social and customary systems, and colonial contact experience with difference experiences of transitions to social, political, and economic systems.

In the Pacific, over 90 per cent of Pacific Islands Countries and Territories' trade is carried by ship, with countries relying on shipping to supply essential goods and commodities including food, fuel, building materials, vehicles, and amongst others, to provide access to international markets for exports.

Given that there is a regional commitment for gender equality and a Pacific Platform for Actions Gender Equality and Women's Human Rights 2018 – 2030 that forms a regional counterpart to the global commitment for sustainable development through empowering women and young girls, it is important that there is a coordinated approach towards ensuring women employed in the maritime sector are appraised and informed of emerging issues in the sector.

These sentiments are further expressed in the Regional Strategy for Pacific Women In Maritime 2020-2024. This regional strategy is the first in the global maritime community which is reflection of the region's commitment to empower Pacific women in the maritime sector. It calls for collaborations, strengthening existing alliances and forging new partnerships. It articulates the aspiration of the Pacific Women In Maritime Association (PacWIMA) www.pacwima.com to serve the cause through better recognition, increased visibility, and improved capacity.

Mavis Joseph
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