2023 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF)


​APrIGF 2023 is a multi-disciplinary discussion on key issues such as, but not limited to: Cybersecurity, Data governance, Digital cooperation, Multistakeholderism, Sustainable Development Goals, Laws, policies and regulation, eHealth, Local access initiatives, Internet infrastructure and Digital sovereignty. Panels include discussing the challenges of implementing a technology such as a national ID system and the linkages between this, and other initiatives, and CRVS in the Pacific. https://ap.rigf.asia/news/2023/aprigf-2023-overarching-theme-emerging-technologies-is-asia-pacific-ready-for-the-next-phase-of-the-internet/

The adoption of emerging technologies can only be meaningful if communities repose their trust in the processes (and key personnel) behind the former. Online safety, digital security, free and accurate flow of information, data privacy and cybersecurity in general all impact the formation and breaking of trust. Trust in Internet governance processes, at the global, regional and national levels, however, is no less important. Same for laws and policies meant for regulating the digital ecosystem at the national level.
How can stakeholders ensure strong and resilient trust in the Internet, its underlying infrastructure and in Internet governance processes? How can considerations of trust and safety be balanced with respect for privacy? How do we ensure transparency, accountability and fairness (that is, lack of bias) in emerging technologies? How do we foster trust in emerging technologies that many neither understand nor use? 

The IGF (Internet Governance Forum) is a United Nations activity initiated in 2006 as a global platform for multi-stakeholder policy. The Internet has become an integral part of people's life. Despite the advantages, misuses and abuses lead to social problems, such as digital divide, Internet addiction, information safety, security, privacy and other evolving issues. These issues have no respect to national borders, and therefore require collaboration between countries and territories to address. 

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