2019 Community Workshop: The new .stat Suite – ‘from idea to reality’

Paris, France
Paris, FR

The Statistical Information System) SIS Collaboration Community workshop is in its 9th year
and continues to go from strength to strength with a greater demand and
increased importance of the collaboration on statistical activities between
statistical organisations, both at national and international levels.


At this year’s workshop the Community will officially
launch, in open source, the .Stat Suite product, a modular set of components
that aims to progressively cover the full data lifecycle (GSBPM: Design;
Collect; Process; Analyse; Disseminate), and with SDMX compliant APIs (on both
the input and output side), as well as connectors with main market tools,
end-to-end integration with other data processing platforms already in place,
including excel, is greatly facilitated. This is helping teams in statistical
organisations to manage in a much more cost efficient way the different data
sources they need to aggregate and set up the proper workflows ensuring quality


During the 2017 and 2018 workshops, but also in several
other fora and related initiatives (especially: the UN organised SDMX
Conference in Addis Ababa, October 2017; UNSD workshop on National Reporting
Platforms in NY, January 2018; United Nation Statistics Commission 50th  (UNSC50) Annual Session in NY in March 2019; UNSD and GPSDD Data
Interoperability Guidelines; and the pilot project Advancing dissemination of
SDGs and other indicators using .Stat Suite in Cambodia) we have seen a greater
demand for common statistical tools and common data modelling approaches that
help to resolve many of the limitations observed today by providing a set of
back-office components that can be assembled in a way that is tailored for a
specific context and processes, and can bring about sustainable and
standardised data management practices in each organisation.


The SIS Collaboration Community, guided by 4 principles
(Community Driven; Open Source; Component-Based; Full Data Lifecycle), believes
it can help to support a better and more coordinated effort to bring about a
change of paradigm becoming the Reference Community for Official Statistics,
and sharing, for free, the .Stat Suite that is emerging as the Reference
Plug-and-Play toolkit to build common solutions for statistical data management
and dissemination. 


As a first step to realising this vision, and taking into
account this year will mark the official launch of the .Stat Suite as open
source, we will spend two and half days building capacity together through a
series of presentations, discussions, and hands-on workshops, with an objective
that each participant returns to their organisation either with a working .Stat
or with the knowledge to carry out the necessary steps to suitably
prepare and disseminate data for use in a native SDMX solution such as the
.Stat Suite


The first two and a half days, as with the previous
workshops (held in March 2011, March 2012, April 2013, April 2014, March 2015,
April 2016, April 2017 and April 2018), are open sessions and the OECD extends
the invitation to interested groups and organisations who may be considering
using .Stat Suite for their own organisation, interested in becoming part of
and contributing to the open source community, and share similar objectives as
outlined above. 


The SPC Statistics for Development Division is a member of
the SIS-CC and currently implementing .stat to replace the
NMDI database and to store the 132 Pacific
Sustainable Development Indicators which will feed the
Pacific Data
Hub SDG Dashboard

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