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Tuesday 14th September 2021, 2pm (NZ)

This presentation covers two areas of NIWA’s work on weather forecasting. In the first part, we will talk about the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) modelling systems we have developed at NIWA and the HPC resources needed to run them, how we leverage collaborations with international partners to continually advance these systems and how the work we’re doing enables much of NIWA’s other hazard modelling research, as well as supporting NIWA’s operational weather forecasting services. The second part will focus on NIWA’s operational environmental forecasting, from an overview of its highly detailed, local models, to its more general sub-seasonal to seasonal guidance. It will also provide attendees with an overview of how NIWA communicates its forecasts, especially in the face of extreme weather events and a changing climate.”


  • Stuart Moore has worked on numerical model development for the last 20 years, starting out on numerical ocean models, before moving on to limited area Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model development at the UK Met Office, working on the Unified Model and development and operational pull through of research modelling systems over the UK, New Zealand and continental Europe. Joining NIWA in 2009, Stuart now manages the “NWP Modelling and Reanalysis” project which facilitates the development and transition to operations of NIWA’s core NWP workflows and oversees and undertakes research on new forecasting capabilities such as ensemble modelling, regional coupled modelling, very high resolution urban-scale NWP and aerial dispersion modelling for emergency responses.”


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  • Ben Noll hails from New York. After working at the well-known in the U.S., he jumped on the opportunity to work for NIWA in late 2015. Since then, Ben has done operational forecasting at NIWA and regularly appears in traditional media when hazardous weather approaches the country. Ben leads NIWA’s Seasonal Climate Outlook project. He enjoys the extra challenges that seasonal climate forecasting brings and, along with other scientists at NIWA, is currently exploring increased predictability with machine learning techniques. Chris Brandolino is a Principal Scientist of Forecasting and Media at NIWA and leads the Forecasting Services team. Chris, originally from upstate New York, has 25 years of international experience, including working at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and 16 years as a TV meteorologist. Chris has been at NIWA since January 2014 and enjoys trying to conquer the challenges presented by Mother Nature as well as fostering an environment where team members can thrive.


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Inter-agency collaboration, a core principle in the development field, maximises impact of work of developing agencies and increases the value delivered to their stakeholders. For collaboration opportunities to be created, development organisations like SPC actively work on making their work transparent and visible to external actors.

As part of their effort towards increasing collaboration between agencies involved in the development sector in the Pacific, SPC and NIWA are organising a series of seminars in which some of their current and past work will be presented. The audience, in addition to staff members of these two organisations are stakeholders interested in SPC’s and NIWA’s work including MFAT, MBIE and others.

The topics covered in the webinars are topical and gravitate around use of advanced computing resources in solving problems in the fields of climate change, geoscience and fisheries among others. 

The topics and the dates are available in the related events below.

The events will be interpreted and recording of each of the sessions will be made available online.

Please contact the organiser, Dr Aleksandar Zivaljevic[email protected] for more information, for the invitation to the events or to express interest in webinars interpretation in French.
For matters related to communication, please contact Camille Menaouer, Digital Communications Coordinator at [email protected].

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