High resolution local wind gust modelling


Tuesday 28th September 2021, 2pm (NZ)

This seminar will focus on recent work at NIWA that has made use of high-resolution models to study wind gusts. There will be a brief overview of the models used, including a summary of numerical weather prediction / computational fluid dynamic (NWP/CFD) coupling workflows and applications. A variety of applications and results will be presented. Amongst these will be:

  1. the study of mean wind and gust speed ups over local terrain,
  2. the homogenisation of long-term observed gust records,
  3. understanding speed-ups over the Auckland Harbour bridge,
  4. the contribution of models to revisions of the design wind standards.
  • Dr Richard Turner has been a research meteorologist at NIWA for 25 years, he received his PhD from Iowa State University. His research interests centre on subjects which make use of high-resolution NWP and CFD models such as boundary layer meteorology, wind engineering, and airborne dispersal of either insects, pathogens, and volcanic ash. Richard is the weather and wildfire theme co-leader of the Resilience to Nature's Challenge.
  • Dr Amir Pirooz has recently joined NIWA as an NWP/CFD Modeller and Analyst after finishing his PhD at the University of Auckland. His research area and interests include various wind engineering and meteorology topics, such as extreme value analysis, CFD simulation of airflow over complex terrain and in urban areas, NWP simulations, wind measuring systems and signal processing, and historical data analysis and homogenisation.


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Inter-agency collaboration, a core principle in the development field, maximises impact of work of developing agencies and increases the value delivered to their stakeholders. For collaboration opportunities to be created, development organisations like SPC actively work on making their work transparent and visible to external actors.

As part of their effort towards increasing collaboration between agencies involved in the development sector in the Pacific, SPC and NIWA are organising a series of seminars in which some of their current and past work will be presented. The audience, in addition to staff members of these two organisations are stakeholders interested in SPC’s and NIWA’s work including MFAT, MBIE and others.

The topics covered in the webinars are topical and gravitate around use of advanced computing resources in solving problems in the fields of climate change, geoscience and fisheries among others. 

The topics and the dates are available in the related events below.

The events will be interpreted and recording of each of the sessions will be made available online.

Please contact the organiser, Dr Aleksandar Zivaljevic [email protected] for more information, for the invitation to the events or to express interest in webinars interpretation in French.
For matters related to communication, please contact Camille Menaouer, Digital Communications Coordinator at [email protected].

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