TVET and sustainable practices to Climate-Resilient Communities 2023 (A benchmarking trip fostering TVET and sustainable practices to climate-resilient societies)

Fiji Islands, Fiji

People around the Pacific continue to experience the repercussions of climate change and there is a need to speed up understanding and adaptative practices among influencers and communities so that we can mitigate its implications. It is a necessity to put forward some initiatives to create awareness and provide a platform for knowledge-sharing on the greening process among the different sectors of society.

The Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience Building (PACRES) project under SPC's Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Division, is organising a benchmarking study tour for Resilience and TVET professionals from around the Pacific.  The convention is built around the practice of experiential learning where the participants will be exposed to the different sectors important in building Pacific resilience, while also sharing on the best resilience practices from their communities and professional backgrounds.


The study tour aims to allow the participants to:

(i) Benchmark best practices in resilience between countries in the Pacific, particularly in the areas of flood management, cyclone, and soil-erosion

(ii) Exchange knowledge and information on best practices in building resilient communities in the Pacific

(iii) Learn the concept of TVET as a pathway in upscaling the skilled workforce in the Pacific

(iv) Share knowledge, information, and best practices between countries in the areas of TVET and its management


The four-day tour will allow the delegates to network with fellow professionals in the resilience and education sectors. They will have an opportunity to visit projects and attend lectures on TVET and resilience related interventions. The event is expected to inculcate change in perspective with regards to the role of TVET and resilience education and delegates will take away knowledge and skills they can cascade to their respective countries where applicable and situation warrants.

Melinda A. Mathers
Joint Event