Sustainable Energy Business and Investment Opportunities from the new Kiribati Energy Act 2022

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Kiribati recrute la première femme océanographe dans un service météorologique du Pacifique à l'échelle nationale

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Le chiffre de la semaine : A Kiribati, plus de la moitié de la population est couverte par au moins un réseau mobile 4G

(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) In Kiribati, more than the half of the population is covered by at least a 4G mobile network. This is a great improvement on the estimated 10% coverage in 2013. Information and communications technology can…

Gardiens du Pacifique : Itimatang, un pêcheur de Kiribati

"We can see from seasonal closures that schools of fish are migrating back to the shoreline". Itimatang Beita, a fisher from Kiribat. Across the region, governments and communities are working together to help ensure our fish restock our fishing grounds…

Le chiffre de la semaine : En 2019, il y avait une probabilité de 51% de mortalité prématurée attribuée aux maladies cardiovasculaires, au cancer, au diabète ou aux maladies respiratoires chroniques à Kiribati

(contenu disponible en anglais uniquement) In 2019, there was a 51% probability of premature mortality attributed to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease in Kiribati. Diabetes remains a major health challenge in the…

Kiribati Independence Day 2023

La formation au transport de matières infectieuses est essentielle pour identifier les risques en matière de sécurité sanitaire

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Un trésor inattendu

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An investment for the future - New study aims to strengthen teachers’ English literacy skills in Kiribati

A new study to explore the teaching practices of English Language teachers at the Kiribati Teachers College, the country’s only teacher training institution, has begun.  The study, which was jointly designed by Kiribati’s Ministry of Education and the…


Undertaking a Census of Population and Housing is a massive task for every Pacific National Statistics Office. It requires preparation, planning and logistical challenges especially when remote islands are involved. During November 2020, the Kiribati NSO…
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