L'équipe de la santé des végétaux répond à l'appel pour aider à éradiquer la mouche des fruits sur l'île de Tuvalu

The Tuvalu Department of Agriculture/Biosecurity team preparing fruit fly traps and lures ahead of field deployment.


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Armed with more than 500 traps and three types of pheromone lures, the Pacific Community Land Resources Division plant health team has joined with the Tuvalu Department of Agriculture on a mission to eradicate the fruit fly pest from Niulakita Island in Tuvalu.  


Fruit flies are a major fruiting vegetable crop pest not only because they damage production, but also  impact market access. Niulakita Island is known for supplying breadfruit, pawpaw and other fruits and vegetables to Tuvalu’s main island, Funafuti. However, due to the fruit fly pest, the Tuvalu government has placed a ban on movement of vegetable produce from Niulakita.   


With support from the EU funded SAFE Pacific project, the SPC team and the Tuvalu agriculture team will be on the island for two weeks to trap and  monitor the fruit fly population densities and collect distribution hot spots data before deciding the right window of time to eradicate the population.