GCF Programming Dialogue in the Pacific


This regional programming event aims to address the portfolio imbalance and intends to raise the profile of Direct Access Entity (DAEs) in the Pacific by providing support to entities in bringing compliant and high-quality projects.​

The event will provide a series of informative and interactive plenary and working group sessions that will:

  • Provide essential information and guidelines of internal processes to ensure common understanding of GCF funding proposal requirements and expectations;

  • Identify specific areas for strengthening proposals already in the pipeline and information on accessing available tools and resources;

  • Explore the opportunities and challenges of multi country/regional initiatives;

  • Exchange knowledge and lessons learned from direct and international accredited entities in programming in the Pacific;

  • Provide real time access to GCF specialists to provide guidance on how to enhance identified project proposals.

By invitation only.

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Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability