Remarks by SPC’s Educational Quality and Assessment Programme Director Dr Michelle Belisle at the Launch of the Status of Pacific Education Report 2022

Good morning and a warm welcome to everyone joining us today, either virtually or in person, for the launch of the 2022 Edition of the Status of Pacific Education Report.

Embrace Pacific diversity, promote intercultural dialogue

In 2002, May 21 was declared as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

 Strengthening the digital needs of the Pacific’s education sector

Pacific’s voice in the global arena Digitalisation has become increasingly prevalent in the education sector worldwide and the experience is no different in the Pacific.

Remarks by the Pacific Community’s Education Quality and Assessment Programme Director, Dr Michelle Belisle at International Day of Education 2023 celebrations


Education is the Answer!

People and their environment are at the heart of development planning, implementation, decisions, monitoring and reporting carried out in the Pacific. The Pacific Community (SPC) ensures that sustainable development strategies are implemented by the…

UNESCO Global Geoparks for the Pacific

Credit: Christoph Burgdorfer, Unsplash  What do UNESCO Global Geoparks, the Pacific regions recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and a Pacific Community (SPC) Geologist have in common?  Usually not a lot but when the 2020 Funding with Intent round was…

Strengthening the Pacific’s capacity in managing education data

The Pacific’s efforts to improve the ability to report on education finance data was strengthened through a training programme conducted for in-country officers responsible for managing Education Statistics across the region. The programme was conducted…

Education stakeholders undertaking review of professional standards for the Pacific

A file picture of a ni-Vanuatu teacher at Central College guiding a student. A revised regional teacher competency standards will serve as an important support instrument for the Pacific's teaching profession.

Report capturing key performance indicators of Pacific education shows progress, but serious challenges remain 

What are the education realities for Pacific learners? Do the education systems of Pacific nations deliver quality education? Are most students achieving the expected learning outcomes, or are too many of them falling behind? Are Pacific students being…

Pacific Education: Finding sustainable means to fund its ICT in education projects

To narrow this digital divide, Pacific education systems must find sustainable means to fund its ICT in education projects. This will require sound financial planning and costings, for which reliable education data is critical. Learn more about this from…
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