Tuvalu biosecurity officers empowered in pest surveillance and monitoring to combat fruit flies

The Pacific Community urges vigilance on coconut pest as Vanuatu recovers from destructive cyclones

Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle coordinator Joe Pakoawia  holds bark containing CRB larvae in Vanuatu, in front of dead coconut palms infected by the pest - Credit: SPC Port Vila (Vanuatu) –  Consistent monitoring and surveillance of the…

New Pacific pesticide registration scheme announced at Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry

A newly proposed Pacific Regional Pesticide Registration Scheme is expected to pave the way for monitoring of pesticide use in the region following discussions at the Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry (PWAF) in Nadi, Fiji last week.

Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle control fast-tracked through new agreement in Papua New Guinea

Photo: Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle eggs hatch into C-shaped, larval grubs that can grow to be 60-105mm (2.3-4.1 inches) long.  

Addressing pests and diseases remains vital for Pacific communities as world marks International Day of Plant Health

A plant health clinic for farmers in Vanuatu As we mark the International Day of Plant Health on May 12, we are reminded of the need to have sustainable plant health systems to address  current and emerging threats to biodiversity, food security…

Fereti Atumurirava

A conversation with Mark Ero, Entomologist at the Pacific Community

It’s the diverse, and sometimes creepy, world of insects that fascinates SPC's Entomologist Mark Ero when out in the field carrying out research activities.  According to him, “They  are the world’s miniature marvels, and the most successful…

SPC addresses Pacific pests, diseases and health risks through new virtual training

  The Pacific Community (SPC) this week took another stride toward combating the emergence of pests, diseases, and health risks such as African Swine Fever (ASF) through the organisation of a regional training focused on strengthening and improving…

Pacific ‘Tree of Life’ gets another boost as officers engage in follow-up training

As the threat to the Pacific’s ‘Tree of Life’ continues to expand, biosecurity, research and extension officers from Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu this week attended a follow-up virtual training with the Pacific Community (SPC) Land…

The Pacific Community opens new toolbox to tackle Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle infestation

The Pacific Community is implementing a new tool to address the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB), whose spread is devastating one of Pacific’s most important crops, the coconut.
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