Pacific Dataviz Challenge 2023: Make Food trade and food security data accessible to everyone

Stat of the week: In 2019 in Kiribati, 0.6$ per capita per day is spent on cereals and cereals products, and also on fish and fish products

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste 2023

Stat of the week: In French Polynesia, the prevalence of undernourishment is 4% in 2020

In French Polynesia, the prevalence of undernourishment is 4% in 2020. Prevalence of undernourishment is the percentage of the population whose habitual food consumption is insufficient to provide the dietary energy levels that are required to maintain a…


'This report highlights three main pathways for changing the food system based on consultations and analysis. The pathways include strengthening and connecting rural food systems, enhancing the national policy environment, and advocating for healthy food…


The Tonga Food Security Profile 2023 is part of the series Hunger and Food Security (SDG 2.1) profiles that provide national snapshots for a range of SDG-oriented indicators. Analyses were conducted in collaboration with Tonga Department of Statistics.…

Stat of the week: Pacific Food Trade

42% (825,438 Tonnes) of Pacific Imports in 2018 were Cereals.

Food trade database developed through regional network and partnerships for future food system sustainability

A Method for Cleaning International Food Trade Data For Regional Analysis: The Pacific Food Trade Database

International trade in food is an essential component of the global food system, with consequences ranging from environmental sustainability to public health. Evidence-based food policy requires analysis and interpretation of trade flows among countries…

Enhanced food systems planning and coordination called for at the Pacific Ministers Meeting to close the Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry

Nadi, Fiji – In their first in-person meeting after the COVID-19 pandemic, Pacific Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry last week addressed some of the region’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, national food systems planning and…
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