Guardians of the Pacific: Meet Matuavao from Samoa

“We keep our ocean clean as we keep our house clean. [...] Because this is our whole future to worry about. For the next generations.” Anzac Day Aliielua, Matai of Salamumu Village, Samoa Across the region, governments and communities are working…

Tips for effective and engaging public speaking

In this video, Toastmaster Ralph Gilmour reviews some of the tactics he discussed during his Mini Workshop on effective and engaging public speaking. The complete list of the tactics is posted in Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme (PFLP) website.

How SPC is testing a range of fishing techniques new to the Pacific

  SPC is trialling and documenting fishing techniques (some for the first time) to enable Pacific fishers to diversify and strengthen their livelihoods.

Fisheries experts give inspiration to Pacific youth on World Tuna Day

The tuna that ‘feeds the world’ was acknowledged in a week of activities celebrating the Pacific Tuna which contributes a third of the world’s tuna supply. Kicking off on UN World Tuna Day, a joint social media initiative from Pacific Island Forum…

Fisheries Story: Fat is a sign of good health for Tuna

Do you know what a Fatmeter is? It is an electronic device to measure the amount of fat present. It has been used over the past 10 years by the SPC Fisheries scientist team to measure fat content in individual tuna. Simple and quick, the scientist…

EU Marine Programme Launches New Website

The Pacific-European Union (EU) Marine Partnership (PEUMP) programme has launched its new website today. The website, which can be accessed here, contains extensive information on the programme’s activities in coastal fisheries, marine biodiversity…

11 September, 2020 - Giulia's Tuna Tagging Adventure Continues

Now at the halfway point of the 2020 Pacific Tuna Tagging expedition, Giulia Anderson reports on their progress as they chase schools of tuna across the vast waters of Kiribati's EEZ and the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.   As an early career…

COVID Thrusts Local Marine Scientist Into High Seas Adventure

Napo'opo'o native, Giulia Anderson, is a young fisheries molecular geneticist who has suddenly found herself as an integral part of a 7-week research expedition to monitor the health of world’s largest tuna fishery, which is

[Virtual] Training on Fisheries Management for Kiribati & Nauru

​This is a virtual training workshop with Fisheries officers from Kiribati and Nauru. The training is 2 hours every morning for 5 days. 
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