Regional HIES Sampling and Planning Workshop

New Caledonia

Venue: ​SPC Headquarters, Noumea


The workshop will introduce sampling theory and will cover a large number of critical practical elements required to plan a survey, including: sample design, fieldwork and enumeration plan, survey budget, and questionnaire design.  A key outcome expected from this workshop is for participants to develop a draft HIES Plan (including a sampling framework) that can be used by their National Statistics Office (NSO) in the implementation of their HIES this year.  Bringing together representatives from different Pacific NSOs presents opportunity for sharing of experiences and, at the same time, learning from each other in the development of their HIES plan.  This approach will eventually replace the need for one-on-one technical support, which places huge demand on staff time and travel cost.

The workshop is applicable to all surveys, however it will practically focus on HIES, which is a key survey that has a wide spectrum of data application in areas of national accounts, poverty, consumer prices and nutrition; and it produces data to report against 17 of the 132 Pacific sub-set of indicators under the Sustainable Development Goals.  It’s the only regular and nationally representative survey that captures information on home production, which is an important and healthy food source for many Pacific Islanders.

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