PILNA 2021 Training of Coders and Finalisation of Items


A virtual training for education representatives of 15 Pacific island countries will focus on how to code student responses in an assessment and how to use assessment analysis to inform item selection. The training will use the analysis from the Pacific Islands Literacy and Numeracy ​Assessment (PILNA) trial that was conducted last year.

The three-day training is a key event in building the capacity of country education teams that will assist in the PILNA 2021 main study.  It also strengthens their respective ownership in the undertaking of the main study. This year's PILNA study is the fourth iteration of the regional literacy and numeracy assessment. Some of the country teams will also receive additional training in item translation.  ​Each participating country team is expected to comprise of its PILNA national coordinator, a literacy lead and a mathematics lead. Country teams that will engage in the item translation training will also include a lead translator.

Joint Event