Our blue pacific food systems: Land and sea


In 2021, the Pacific Food Systems Dialogue brought together governments, NGOs, scientists and researchers, and community representatives from across the Pacific. The aim of the 2021 Dialogue was to produce recommendations for a set of game changing actions that tackle the development challenges, including, climate change, nutrition, and non-communicable diseases, and to realize more equitable benefits from the global food system.

This year's Dialogue provides an opportunity to monitor progress, maintain momentum, and to hear from Pacific Peoples working in different arenas of the Pacific food system to ensure we continue learning and sharing ideas about how to address current and future challenges.


An intergenerational panel of speakers from the region has addressed a range of significant issues impacting the health, vitality, and sustainability of coastal and blue food systems. The diverse panel has encouraged participants to consider the economic and livelihoods opportunities provided by environmentally sustainable, people-centred approaches to coastal and blue foods development. The interconnected and interdependent nature of the blue and green elements of our food system were highlighted and lines were drawn to broader impacts on ocean health.

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