ESCAP Asia-Pacific Stats Café Series: Demand-driven data planning Tools

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

International development partners have developed various tools and frameworks to help national statistical systems identify data gaps that need to be filled and strategically plan to respond to data demands. Examples include Every Policy is Connected (EPiC) of ESCAP, Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) of PARIS21, StaTact of UNITAR and UNSD. This Stats Café will discuss the main features of these tools and present best practices to effectively plan for data required by policymakers and continuously monitor the progress. 

This Stats Café aims to: 
  1. Briefly introduce objectives and expected outputs from each of the three data needs assessment and planning tools.
  2. Compare the three tools and discuss how national statistical systems can use them to address distinct but related issues. 
  3. Share national experiences in Asia and the Pacific in applying data needs assessment and planning tools.
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