ABS 2023 Pacific Statisticians Leadership Forum

Brisbane QLD, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

​The 2023 Pacific Statisticians' Leadership Forum, hosted by the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will be held on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th May 2023 in Brisbane, Australia. Funded by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and running annually since 2011, the Forum plays an important role in supporting the development of Government Statisticians and other Senior Managers of National Statistics Offices in the Pacific. After three years of meeting virtually, the face-to-face forum in 2023 will focus on the theme 'Adjusting to the new normal: setting up for
success in the post-covid world'.

Following the ABS 2023 Pacific Statisticians Leadership Forum, the 11th Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) meeting, hosted by the Pacific Community (SPC), will be held on
Wednesday 10th
Thursday 11th
May 2023, in Brisbane, Australia. The PSMB was established to provide oversight and guidance on the statistical methods, systems and procedures used by Pacific Island Countries and Territories. This is to ensure that they are in line with international best practises, while at the same time relevant to our region's unique situation.

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