5th Regional Conference of Heads Of Planning and Statistics (HOPS 5)

Noumea, NC



In the four years since HOPS last met in 2013, there have been several developments that have impacted the region’s statistical landscape, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the near completion of Phase 2 of the Ten Year Pacific Statistics Strategy (TYPSS), and the planned commencement of TYPSS Phase 3 in 2018–2020.

In view of this, it is a timely occasion for members to come together to discuss opportunities and challenges for the region as we move into TYPSS Phase 3. This is also an opportunity for technical partners and donors to discuss ways to improve the level of technical and financial coordination required to address the priorities of member countries, including a proposed enhancement to the existing regional statistics governance framework. The work of SPC’s Statistics for Development Division (SDD) has been reviewed, and this conference provides SDD with an opportunity to present its new focus and priorities as presented in its new Business Plan.

Finally, the increasing demand for timely and high-quality Pacific statistics means that data dissemination will be a priority for the region in TYPSS Phase 3 and this must be underpinned by a well-coordinated data collection plan for the region with the right resources delivered at the right time to support it.   A framework to promote greater awareness and use of Pacific statistics will also be put forward for consideration during this conference.

Expected outcomes

This meeting is expected to discuss and make decisions related to the following broad topics:

  • TYPSS Phase 3 Design and Priorities
  • Regional Statistics Governance Framework
  • Regional Statistics Method Board
  • Regional Data Dissemination Framework and Priorities
  • Proposed Technical Partnership and 5 Year Data Collection Plan
Joint Event